Catholic Studies Program

The Minor Concentration in Catholic Studies at McGill University offers students a critical and systematic approach to the study of Catholicism and the Catholic intellectual tradition. Through a broad spectrum of course offerings, students examine the many facets of Catholicism in historical and contemporary contexts, including the diverse ways in which it has shaped and continues to shape cultures, institutions, and identities. Special emphasis is given to the evolving role of Catholicism in relation to global, pluralistic, and secular realities, as well as its historical importance in the evolution of Quebec and Canadian society. 

Students enrolled in the Minor program should consult with the Catholic Studies Program Chair before registering for courses.

Contact: Professor Douglas Farrow – Email:

Minor Concentration Catholic Studies

Required Course (3 credits)

CATH 200 Introduction to Catholicism 3 Credits

Complementary Courses (15 credits)

15 credits selected with the following specifications:

Catholic Studies

9 credits chosen from the list of Catholic Studies courses below. (Exemption from prerequisite courses may be granted on an individual basis by contacting the instructor before registration.)

CATH 310 Catholic Intellectual Trads 3 Credits
CATH 315 Catholicism and Ethics 3 Credits
CATH 320 Catholicism and Modernity 3 Credits
CATH 325 Mystery and the Imagination 3 Credits
CATH 370 Topics in Catholic Studies 3 Credits
CATH 460 Catholic Studies Seminar 3 Credits

Group I: Catholicism and the Arts

3 credits in Catholicism and the Arts selected from the lists below:

Art History and Communication Studies 

ARTH 340 The Gothic Cathedral 3 Credits


EDER 209 Search for Authenticity 3 CreditsLimited Enrolment
EDER 394 Philosophy of God 3 CreditsLimited Enrolment


ENGL 357 Chaucer-Canterbury Tales 3 CreditsTaught only in alternate years
ENGL 424 Irish Literature 3 Credits

French Language and Literature

FREN 252 Littérature québécoise 3 Credits
FREN 329 Civilisation québécoise 3 Credits

Italian Studies

ITAL 355 Dante and the Middle Ages 3 Credits
ITAL 410 Italian Modernism 3 Credits

Religious Studies

RELG 203 Bible and Western Culture 3 Credits
RELG 210 Jesus of Nazareth 3 Credits
RELG 311 New Testament Studies 1 3 Credits
RELG 312 New Testament Studies 2 3 Credits
RELG 341 Intro:Philosophy of Religion 3 Credits
RELG 377 Religious Controversies 3 Credits

Group II: Catholic Social and Intellectual Traditions

3 credits in Catholic Social and Intellectual Traditions selected from the lists below:

East Asian Studies


EDER 394 Philosophy of God 3 CreditsLimited Enrolment
EDER 395 Moral Values and Human Action 3 CreditsLimited Enrolment
EDER 494 Ethics in Practice 3 CreditsLimited Enrolment


HIST 319 The Scientific Revolution 3 Credits
HIST 321 European Thought&Culture 2 3 Credits
HIST 324 Indigenous IDs & Nationhood 3 Credits
HIST 336 France, 1789 to 1914 3 Credits
HIST 357 Cultural Diversity in Canada 3 Credits
HIST 360 Latin America since 1825 3 Credits
HIST 401 Topics:Medieval Culture&Soc 3 Credits
HIST 405 European Cultural History 1 3 Credits


PHIL 334 Ethical Theory 3 Credits
PHIL 356 Early Medieval Philosophy 3 Credits
PHIL 474 Phenomenology 3 Credits

Political Science

POLI 318 Comparative Local Government 3 Credits
POLI 319 Politics of Latin America 3 Credits
POLI 414 Course not available

Religious Studies

RELG 322 The Church in History 1 3 Credits
RELG 323 The Church in History 2 3 Credits
RELG 340 Religion & the Sciences 3 Credits