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Social Media and Human Flourishing
16-17 September 2016

Convener: Robert Di Pede – Inquiries: robert.dipede@mcgill.ca 
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Location: Newman Centre of McGill University

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It has now been nearly twenty years since the internet became a defining part of daily human life, and at least five years since social media became a portable and normative vehicle of human interaction.

Data from sources as diverse as neuroscience, psychology, social sciences, education and philosophy are beginning to render a picture of dramatic transformation of the human person. Our brains are being wired differently. The ability to think, to remember, and to contemplate is changing. Social discourse has been affected, especially among the young.

The benefits of digital media are readily visible. Taking a step back, and critically evaluating social media’s effects on human well-being is a task that many scholars are now beginning to undertake. Theological anthropology can make many contributions to the discourse, and conversely, there is much that can enrich a Christian understanding of the human person from the data of the sciences.

This international colloquium aims to address the question of social media and its effects, to evaluate our successes and failures in integrating our digital tools, and to seek norms that might guide us to greater human freedom and flourishing.

We wish to acknowledge and thank in advance John O’Brien of Regis College (Toronto) and Rev. Dr. Paul Anyidoho of Concordia University for their input and collaboration in organizing this event.


Alec Arnold (Saint Louis University), Chris Kennedy (Duke University), Christina Crook (Author of The Joy of Missing out), Christopher Morrissey (Trinity Western University), Dylan Belton (University of Notre Dame), Jennifer Guyver (McGill University), Lisa Holdsworth (Catholic University of America), Peter Nguyen S.J. (Creighton University), Rebekah Lamb (Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy), John O’Brien, S.J. (Regis College, Toronto), Read Schuchardt (Wheaton College), Sr. Thomas More Stepnowski O.P. (Aquinas College, Nashville),Paul Anyidoho (Concordia University), .

Keynote by Dr Eric McLuhan, author of Sensus Communis and Cynic Satire on Friday September 16 at 5:00 followed by a cocktail. Dr. McLuhan’s lecture will serve as this year’s Claude Ryan Lecture on Catholic Social Thought.


Registration is now open and will close on September 14. The fee for participants is $40 ($10 for students) and includes access to the entire colloquium and lunch on Saturday. The Keynote lecture by Eric McLuhan alone is free and open to the general public.

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