Internet Resources for Catholic Studies

List of Topics

1. General Resources: Academic Centres

2. General Resources: Catholicism

3. Global Catholicism

4. Scripture and Catholicism

5. History of Catholicism

6. Modern Catholic Thinkers/Artists/Reformers

7. Media/News

8. Catholic Social Teaching

9. Social Action

10. Ethical and Public Policy Debates  (Forthcoming)

11. Claude Ryan


Disclaimer: Annotated comments on the site generally reflect the mission statements of the sites rather than any assessment or endorsement of the sites by the Newman Institute of Catholic Studies.  Websites reflect a variety of theological, political, and ideological perspectives that inform the development and selection of documentation, information and resources on their sites.  The list itself offers a general selection based on existing web resources.  The following selection implies no endorsement of material found on these sites, nor does it represent any pedagogical program associated with the Newman Institute of Catholic Studies.  Nor do the perspectives informing the specific websites listed in this list necessarily represent the views of faculty or staff associated with the Newman Institute of Catholic Studies.