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Transformative Papacies: John XXIII and John Paul II

Transformative Papacies: John XXIII and John Paul II

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                1. Vatican Web Resources
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                3. Other Online Resources
                4. Catholic Journals / Reviews


Vatican Statements and Resources:  The Vatican site offers the most comprehensive collection of official documents, papal encyclicals, apostolic exhortations, addresses, and speeches from modern popes, as well as documents from various departments of the Roman Curia:  pontifical congregations, councils, academies, and commissions.  Publications by academies and institutes include contributions by academics and experts from a variety of disciplinary and religious (and non-religious) backgrounds.



  • New Catholic Encyclopedia (2003) – this updated encyclopedia (with its  supplements) offers an excellent resource for topics on all areas of Catholic life, culture, history, and doctrine.  (This link is only accessible to McGill Library users.)
  • Catholic Encyclopedia (1913): an older but valuable reference tool for Catholic history, thought and culture
  • Christian Classics (Ethereal Library)  – a wide selection of Christian classics from across history and traditions. 
  • Resources for Catholic Educators: Resources for Catholic studies organized by topic areas.
  • ETWN Library of Catholic Resources  Offers a wide array of  primary and secondary material on Catholicism.  The ETWN selection avoids any material which it would judge to be liberal or dissident forms of Catholicism.
  • The Catholic Report  Offers a collection of contemporary and historical material on Catholicism.  Emphasis on “orthodoxy.”
  • Catholic CultureOnline resources on Catholicism with an emphasis on “fidelity to the magisterium.”
  • Catholic Education Resource Centre:  a clearing-house for periodical articles and essays on contemporary issues in Catholicism.



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